Personalized Learning by Margaret Grant

Personalized Learning

Book Title: Personalized Learning

Publisher: International Society for Technology in Education

ISBN: 1564843521

Author: Margaret Grant

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Margaret Grant with Personalized Learning

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Personalized Learning: A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology is designed to help educators make sense of the shifting landscape in modern education. While changes may pose significant challenges, they also offer countless opportunities to engage students in meaningful ways to improve their learning outcomes.

Personalized learning is the key to engaging students, as teachers are leading the way toward making learning as relevant, rigorous, and meaningful inside school as outside and what kids do outside school: connecting and sharing online, and engaging in virtual communities of their own Renowned author of the Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go series, Dale Basye, and award winning educator Peggy Grant, provide a go-to tool available to every teacher today technology as a way to personalize the education experience for every student, enabling students to learn at their various paces and in the way most appropriate to their learning styles.

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